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Timely communication service:

A well English-speaking team, who are familiar with manufacturing terms, will provide over 14 hours' service every day, your email or phone call will be responded in a short time.

Efficient quoting service:
  • A professional engineering team, who have over decades experience, will analysis your drawings, your description of the project you are looking for, and send a quotation form within 2 working days.

Competitive pricing:

We totally understand that all customers expect value-for-money. We have a cross-trained engineering team who will engage in pricing process, they are capable of optimizing the overall processes to ensure production quality with a competitive price.

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Technique support:

We support customers both per-sales and after-sales. If your projects are matured and have wide marketing already, we are the one you looking for, offer the best manufacturing processes and price as well as professional engineering support; If you just have a just finished design which you are not sure how the market will react, or a half-finished design that needs manufacturing advises, or even just a idea that needs a best team to complete all rest, we are your best partner

1. Design and make automatic jigs

2. Design and make Non-standard items

3. Choose proper manufacturing process and lifetime of mold material to make it cost effective

4. A delicate improve in manufacturing process from low qty to large qty

5. Capable of large injection moldings and metal castings

6. Being able to produce big parts and assemblies

7. Full-scale support of different process.

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Quality Excellence:
  • Our work is performed to the higher levels of quality, a rather detailed inspection schedule will be customized at the beginning of every single project, starting from drawing checking, material checking, in-process inspection, finial inspection to package and safety check before delivery, every detail is the essence through the whole order.

One-Stop capabilities:

Except excellent manufacturing capabilities, we also could provide customized packaging according to each customer's unique require. If you don't have a company to take care of your shipment, you could totally leave it to us, we support express delivery, sea freight and air freight service, and also okay with CIF, DDU, DDP, FOB...which ever you prefer, we strive to offer you a most comfortable sourcing experience.

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