Ego Manufacturing Group
Who We are

Ego Manufacturing Group is located in Shanghai, China, possesses the highest degree of expertise in developing and manufacturing custom products. Our experienced engineering team has diverse skills in designing, manufacturing and delivery service, whether you are a start-up or century enterprise, whether your design is new invented or matured already, we are the company who can accelerate your project from product conception to manufacturing.

Our ultimate goal is to simplify your purchasing process, save your precious time and energy. Working with Ego will bring you value-added service so your company can focus on what is does best.

Ego Manufacturing Group

What We Do

--Plastic Injection Molding, Plastic Rotational Molding, Vacuum Forming & Thermorforming, Blow Molding, Plastic Extrusion;

--Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Die Casting, Gravity Casting, Forging, Metal Extrusion;

--CNC Machining, Stamping, Punching, Deep Drawing, Welding, Bending;

We focus on custom manufacturing, our professional engineers with decades experiences who can oversee the process from design development to installation, always being able to choose most suitable manufacturing processes to produce cost effective products within the most demanding of timescales.

Ego Manufacturing Group

Why Ego

1. Prompt communication, professional sales team to fully understand your need;

2. Efficient quoting service, most competitive price and technique support;

3. Passionate team of engineers work tirelessly to bring customer good products and better time frame;

4. Strict inspection team who will make sure all products are 100% ready for delivery;

5. All products are well packed to ensure its safety during transportation;

6. We are passionate, collaborative, whether your primary focus is cost, speed of delivery, or quality conformance, you can count on us to get the job done on time and according to specification.

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