Rotational molding

Roto molding services produce plastic parts in various colors, shapes, sizes, and textures with features such as multiple walls, molded-in hardware, undercuts and graphics. We design, develop & manufacture rotationally molded products. Rotational molding offers consistent wall thickness, strong and durable corners, high structural strength and extremely tight tolerances - even in complex, hollow or multi-walled products, or in parts with unusual shapes or unique configurations. It now is one of the most important manufacturing process, and applied to rather amount industries





Design & Engineering ServiceMold Manufacturing
Large/small volume Production
Secondary Operation

Equipment & Production

In our workshop, we have 3 types of rotational molding machines, including swing rotational machine for small parts, centrifugal roller rotational machine for round parts, and shuttle rolling rotational machine for big complex products. 

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Advantages Of Rotational Molding


1. Rotational Molding Lowers Weight and Increases Part Strength

Our experienced rotomolding professionals specialize in converting parts or products made from metal, fiberglass, wood or other materials into complete, fully integrated, rotationally molded plastic designs. Let our engineers show you how converting your manufacturing to plastic rotomolding from other materials can assist in reducing your product or part’s weight, increasing its strength and lowering its manufacturing cost.

2. Rotational Molding Lowers Initial Tooling Costs

Because rotational molding tooling costs approximately 20% to 80% less than the cost of comparable injection mold or blow mold tooling, it is also a preferred, more cost effective method for producing parts in limited quantities. This low initial cost minimizes the risk in bringing new products to market and often makes producing small quantities more cost-effective.

3. Rotational Molding Lower Part Count & Reduces Costs

One of the biggest advantages of rotational molding is that multiple small parts can often be replaced with just one (or a few) bigger parts. Eliminating the need for several small parts not only lowers your cost by reducing your parts count, but also eliminates the cost of the fasteners, adhesives and labor needed for assembling small parts. As the cost of assembling fabricated parts rises across the country, less assembly means greater cost savings for you.

4. Rotational Molding Reduces Lead Time

Rotomolding can also substantially shorten your product’s lead time because of the faster speed of tooling fabrication. Our skilled engineers and experienced rotational molding professionals can often bring a new product from concept to market in as little as four to eight weeks.


5. Rotational Molding Allows Increased Part Complexity

Rotational molding is also ideal for manufacturing complex parts or products that require hollow sections, double or multiple walls, or foam filling and/or hollow. And, because the rotational molding process is weld-free, there are no “seams” to compromise durability or appearance.

6. We Are Expert US Plastic Part Rotational Molders

Our state-of-the-art equipment – and our years of rotational molding experience – ensure that your plastic parts will always be manufactured to your exact specifications. We confidently guarantee the highest quality of rotational molding plastic products – at the best prices.

Industries Served By Ego

Septic tanks
Oil tanks
Water treatment tanks
Chemical storage tanks
Fuel tanks
Shipping tanks
Door armrests
Traffic signs/barriers
Fuel tanks
Bull bars
Audio housing units
Instrument panels
Wheel arches
Mobility vehicles for the disabled
Supermarket trolleys
Reusable shipping containers
Airline containers
Refrigerated boxes
Toys and Leisure
Outdoor furniture
Hobby horses
Dollheads and body parts
Materials Handling
Trash cans
Fish bins
Marine Industry
Dock floats
Pool liners
Docking fenders
Leisure craft/boats
Life belts
Medical Products
Face oxyen masks
Paramedic cases
Medical specimen cases
Industrial Products
Floor polishers
Water filtration units
Blower housing
Recycling units
Manhole covers
Housings for cleaning equipment
Point of sale advertising
Tool boxes
Dental chairs
Agricultural/garden equipment

Secondary Operations

1. Welding includes Ultrasonic Welding, Vibration Welding, Laser Welding;

2. Printing includes Hot Stamping/Decal, Silk-Screen Printing, Tempo Printing, Laser Engraving, Label Application;

3. Painting and texture;

4. Assembly with other fittings;

5. Customized packaging;

6. Provide certification like RoHS, Reach, CE...  

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