Investment Casting

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With investment casting you can creat almost

any configuration of your precision metal,

component. Ultize our overview to learn more.


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Using advanced technology, we automate almost

every step of the investment casting process. We

    can get you from design to finish in 8 steps!

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 We pour everything from 400 series stainless 

steel to aluminum. In fact, we pour pretty much

any alloy 24/7. with very few exceptions.

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We help customers meet their manufacturing

challenges with the best highest performing

components--faster than anyone else.

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Investment Casting

Investment casting also know as lost wax casting, is a manufacturing process is which a wax pattern is created and then coated with a ceramic slurry to create a mold. The wax is then melted out of the ceramic mold and molten metal is poured into the cavity. The molten metal solidifies and the ceramic shell is then broken or blasted off, creating a metal casting. The investment casting process does not require a minimum order quantity and can cast parts ranging from a few grams to upwards hundreds kgs, so it can be a manufacturing solution no matter what size project you are working on. 

Learn more about our investment casting process here. 

Benefits Of Investment Casting

The advantage of investment casting are impressive. Creat almost any configuaration of your precision metal component. Design parts as small, large, or complex as you need. In short, eliminate many of the barries holding you back today. 

Investment casting can also help you:

--Reduce secondary operations

--Create stronger parts

--Have the widest choice of alloys

--Produce less waste

--Maintain incredibly tight tolerances

--Incorporate thinner walls for reduced weight

--Maintain outstanding repeatability

--Reduce tooling costs over multiple production runs

--Design highly detailed surfaces and stamps

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