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A good product must start with a successful product design and mold design. Collaborate with Ego Manufacturing Group could avoid lengthy delays in getting your product into the market place. We can provide a tailored service to meet your expectations within the agreed timeframe and price point.

We can enable any idea to be transformed into tangible and viable outcomes. We have the knowledge to take client concepts and turn them into a commercially usable product. Ego Manufacturing Group has developed products for a wide range of industries and dealing with critical product elements such as complex forms, dimensions, tolerances, finishes and materials are standard practise within our business.

We work collaboratively with our clients to understand the specific requirements, needs and philosophy ensuring a successful outcome. 

Mold Design Capabilities


1. Plastic Injection Mold Design


2. Plastic Rotational Mold


3. Plastic Blow Mold


4. Vacuum Forming Mold


5. Investment Casting Mold


6. Stamping Mold


7. Deep Drawing Mold


8. Die Casting Mold


Mold Design Process


  1. Purchase order and deposit payment received from the client

  2. Sales team hand over all information to the design team

  3. Design debrief

  4. Process sequence agreed

  5. Design milestone dates agreed with our client

  6. Preliminary design scoped up

  7. Meeting with client to review prelimiary design, agree on changes

  8. Design process continues

  9. Meeting with client to sign off on final design

  10. Agree on final changes

  11. Final meeting to sign off the design

  12. Tool released for manufacture

Tool Manufacturing with Swiss CNC Machining


Swiss CNC machining is another option for gaining the parts you need for tool and die making. This precision manufacturing uses CNC unit-operated lathes to rotate parts when cutting. These machines have a micromachining range of 1mm to 4mm diameter and each machine can perform multiple functions, saving additional time.

Along with creating parts of tool and die making, Swiss CNC machines can fabricating specialty jig and fixtures. Stop using makeshift fixtures which aren't secure and make work harder. These custom jigs can be made to your exact specifications through our Swiss CNC machining process. You'll have a completely accurate fixture for whatever work you do.

5-Axis Milling for Tool and Die Makers


Tool and die makers require the most exact production to do their job right. 5 axis machining cuts across X, Y, and Z linear axes along with rotating on the A and B axes. The result is more complicated and precise geometries of cut pieces. Ego uses 5 axis machining to fabricate custom parts for use in tool and die making.

By using one machine to complete pieces, 5 axis machines save time in the production process. You get your finished parts faster since there is no need to move material between different machines.

Of course, your micromachining, 5 axis or Swiss CNC machining precision parts are only as good as the operators behind it, which is why you need Owens Industries experts.

Precision tool & die makers for any project, big or small, Contact to get your project started now. 


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