CNC Machining

Ego has the cnc machining work shop which served a lot industries both in domestic and worldwide. As we have the cutting edge technology, state-of-the-art equipment, best machinists and programmers, harvesting decades of experience, which enable us to lead the way for innovation in the CNC industry, provide the excellent precision CNC machining services, including:


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Ø 3 Axis Milling

Ø 4 Axis Machining

Ø 5 Axis CNC Machining

Ø EDM / Wire EDM

Ø CNC Swiss Machining

Ø CNC Rapid Prototyping

Ø Precision Machining

Ø Mold Maufacturing

Ø Mold Maintainance & Repair

We work with a number of materials, like stainless steel, high purity aluminum, brass, copper, carbon steel and titanium, which allows us to provide CNC parts for facilities of different expertise, including:

Ø Energy

Ø Food Manufacturing

Ø Medical Systems & Devices

Ø Precision CNC Lathe

Ø Oil & Gas

Ø Optical & Electron Microscope

Ø Education

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Impossible Tolerances? Unbelievable Complexity? Count on Ego Manufacturing Group

When you need a machine shop capable of machining complex components with the highest precision, you can count on Ego Manufacturing Group. Our team of highly skilled CNC machinists has the experience and expertise required to produce close tolerance components with 1 to 100 micron accuracy. If other CNC machine shops CAN’T do it, Ego WANTS to. Give us a call today to discuss the manufacturability and surface finish of your design ideas or to learn more about the capabilities of our facility, machines, and staff.

metal design & engineering.png

Our precision machining service is supported by our experienced specialists and CNC machinists who are experts in programming, fixture design, and development. Ultra-precision requires our machinists to possess a deep understanding of a machine’s behavior – not just programming and running in accordance with a manual. CNC machinists’ familiar with their machines give them the ability to push the machines beyond the manufacturers’ intended design and tolerance capabilities, maximizing their performance when needed. With knowledgeable, industry leading ultra precision machining professionals on our team, we have been able to develop processes achieving practically impossible levels of perfection with the manipulation of temperature compensation curves and control.

Manufacture Tools With the best Precision Parts From Ego Manufacturing Group

Tool and die production is a crucial part of many facturing processes, especially those producing plastic parts. Intricate details and tight tolerances are regularly demanded by OEMs to satisfy their customer base. We offer the highest quality tool and die services to improve your manufacturing results. 

ü Mold Manufacturing

ü Injection Molding Tool

ü Rotational Molding Tool

ü Blow Molding Tool

ü Thermoforming Tool

ü Investment Casting Tool

ü Stamping Mold

ü Deep Drawn Mold

ü Extrusion Mold

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State-Of-The-Art Equiptment Quick Glance 

1. Large Vertical / Horizontal Machining Center


vertical 1.png


2. Multi Functional Milling And Turning

multi turning milling 1.jpg

multi turning milling.jpg

multi turning milling sample.jpg

3. EDM / Wire EDM

edm 2.png

edm 3.png

EDM Wire EDM.jpg

4. Multi-Axis Machine

multi axis 1.jpg

multi axis 2.jpg

multi axis 3.jpg


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