Assembly & Packaging

Final Installations and Applications

Instruction and Packaging
Ego Manufacturing Group not only provides normal assembly, but also final installations and applications are customized to meet any number of specifications such as graphic application, electronics or hardware installation, material integration, and intricate product and display assembly

Each order also receives customized packaging attention to ensure safe delivery. Our shipping departments develop unique packaging cells so that any size or shape of component is prepared for safe transport. We supply custom cores, crates, pallets, banding, supports, and more. When necessary, custom packaging hourses are utilized on special orders to meet specific requirements a client may have. 

Additionally, detailed and comprehensive instructions are inserted so that any components requiring post-delivery assembly can be completed without confusion and frustration. 



Custom Packaging And 'Ready For Retail' Packaging

We also provide custom packaging to ensure your products arrive safely and ready for your production and assembly lines! Box, Bag, and USO barcode label and labelling are customized to meet your requirements! Our packaging services support full 'retail ready packaging', including chims, blister packing, printed inserts, header cards and labelling, ready for use, for your retail customers. 

Logistics Optimization

The improvement of your transportation costs can have a big impact on your project spend. With the fabricated parts Logistics Optimization Solution, Ego Manufacturing Group offers returnable and stackable container programs as well as the ability to maximize your truckloads, routes and carriers for even greater shipping savings. Access the Ego Manufacturing Group to see how you can take advantage of the Logistics Optimization solution. 


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