We are highly collaborative with a process involving:

1. Communication and discussing to fully understand your request.                                        5. Inspecting job to be done in several different stages, well control the quality.

2. Sending quotation sheet, discussing budgets and pricing with customer.                            6. Assembly and packaging to ensure all goods are well protected.  

3. Purchasing raw material, completing drawings, processes for production.                          7. Stock and delivery, we can also provide cost effective shipping service.

4. Starting production, and finishing the surface finishes as per required.                               8. After-sale support and extending new business. 

 Email to our sales team to get an instant quote info@ego-mfg.com

  • Communication & Study Communication & Study
  • Pricing & Quotation Pricing & Quotation
  • Raw Material & Prototyping Raw Material & Prototyping
  • Production & Finish Production & Finish
  • Inspection Inspection
  • Assembly & Packing Assembly & Packing
  • Delivery & Stock Delivery & Stock
  • After-Sale Service After-Sale Service

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