Metal Extrusion:


Metal extrusion always plays a vitally important roll in certain large volume batch production, Normal CNC machining for complex structure will machine off a lot material, that means a high wastage on raw material and makes unit price more expensive. But extrusion first and then assist with CNC or Cutting work will work perfectly. Ego has successfully satisfied customers in price and quality through this way.

Material Range: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper...


Our Secondary Services:

1. Heat treatment to adjust metal physical and chemical properties;

2. CNC machining, Cutting...

3. Surface treatment: Painting,  Powder coating, Zinc plating, Nick plating, Anodizing, Galvanizing, Polishing, etc...

4. Assembly;

5. Customized packaging, oil protection as per needed.


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