New Invested Sample Developing Center

Sample developing is a very necessary stage for both new invented projects and mature designed projects. To the supplier, sample building is the way to get fully understand the quality requirements and could use it as a quality standard for batch production, and to the customers, prototyping is a way to prove the supplier could produce the parts that we they are looking for. 

This is such a important step which also gets a lot complaining, as you may run into some long delayed sample developing projects with Chinese suppliers already, as most people will treat sample developing order and batch production order differently, always large order goes first. Especially when most machines are occupied, it gets worse, the sample developing projects might be put on hold for a long time. This is understandable for manufacturers, but definitely no good to the customers who want to break into a new market as early as possible. 

To distinguish Ego from most other manufacturers in China, we dedicated to learn from customers' complaining and improve the service. We invested a sample developing center which will be used for sample developing only. In this sample developing center, we equipped with 2 universal knee-and-column milling machines, grinding machine, EDM, turning machine, TIG welder, universal bending machine, 4 Aixs cnc machining center, and polisher. A full sample developing line that can enable us to provide most of your prototyping parts in 2-3 days!

Time is money, one step sooner than others break into the market, a higher chance to win and make profit out of it. So please click here to experience a 'aggressive lead time' purchasing journey today!

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